07:48:52 Jlkamto donde se pueden comprar recambios rs 250 replica loris reggiani. Gracias
19:38:09 Nicolas it is a 1987 tuareg wind with the two fillercaps for oil and fuel
19:36:27 Nicolas hi every one i dont know if this forum works but you never know iam searching for parts for my tuareg 600 wind and a users manual somebody have one let me know
18:38:46 Easyrider Hi,Can anyone Help?... I have a 1987 Tuareg Wind 127 Rotex engine... When I put into Gear a loud continuous Buzzer sounds, with or without engine running.. Ignition is on, nothing to do with side stand as I have it on a bike stand. The Buzzer is inside the Speedo, even when riding the Buzzer continues,I have changed the clutch oil and its full.. I am at a loss... Please Help
09:53:57 jamba Ebay is your friend.. have you tried to google motoricambi
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