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ignition wire colours

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2015-08-01 19:44:00


new member here,,

i've just bought an old spares or repair aprillia pegaso 1990's with the 600 rotax engine,

i bought it for the engine mainly, it's been sitting under a sheet for 7 years, and the previous owner has lost the keys, but i want to see if the engine will run before i strip it out,

so my question is,,, i have the wiring plate off the bottom of the switch and i now need to know which wires to connect to try and start her,

any help would be greatly appreciated

2015-08-02 21:42:16


i realise this post looks like i want to nick a bike, lol

but it is mine, anyway i got it going and managed to connect the wires ok

the bike fired up quite easily considering it's been standing for 7 years, but the it stalled and now i can't start it,

so i've removed the delorto phbr 34 carb for cleaning thinking that could be the reason ,

but it has been suggested the cam belt could of jumped a tooth, apparently quite common on a bike that has sat for a long time,

i will be breaking the bike, all except the engine , so if anyone needs any bits let me know