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User Treg600
First name Kev
Home Nottingham, United Kingdom, Europe
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I am passionate about trail bikes as they are a modern day horse, go anywhere and fun.

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Max speed 165 km/h. Weight 148 kg. Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission. Engine 562 ccm (34 cui), 1-cylinder, 4-valves.

Really wanted one in 1988 but at £3295 I couldn't afford one so 8 yrs later I bought a basket case and spent 5 yrs building it. Then In 2000 I bought an import one in lovely condition so I took both of them to bits and picked out the best parts out o...

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My precious. 20 years we've been together. Most of that in separate rooms, me in the house with the missus and her in the garage.

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Dirty Tramp

Good fun to ride. Hehe.

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The Old Faithful PoGo Stick

Soon be thirty years old so she spends most of the time resting in the garage so as to keep her good looks. Unlike her brother in the other picture who is a dirty tramp, likes to wheelie and make a lot of noise. HeHe.

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