Aprilia Tuono RSV

Aprilia Tuono RSV

Year of production 2002 - 2005

Model: Tuono (2003 - 2009)

Wikipedia (Tuono): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aprilia_Tuono

The roots of the RSV Tuono lie with the 1998 - 2003 RSV Mille superbike. The original 2003 Tuono Fighter uses the 2002 Mille frame, engine, suspension and brakes. The majority of parts are interchangeable between Mille and Tuono models up until the introduction of the RSV1000R which replaced the Mille. One minor difference is that the RSV Tuonois fitted with a steering damper as standard whereas the RSV Mille is not. The reason for this is to avoid potential speed wobble under full acceleration due to the motorcross style handlebars atop high machined ergal risers causing the rider to sit more upright, resulting in less weight over the front wheel. The main difference is the lack of significant bodywork (fairings). The Tuono Fighter (2003) and RSV Tuono (2004-05) all share the same frame-mounted bikini fairing and body covers, either in plastic for the base model or carbon fibre for the Racing and R models.

The RSV Tuono uses the Austrian built BRP-Rotax 'V990' 60° V-Twin engine which can also be found in numerous other Aprilia models. It sports dual overhead cams, double balance shafts, 4 valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection, twin spark ignition. In the RSV Tuono, the V990 delivers 92 kW (125 PS; 123 hp) @ 9500 rpm and 10.3 kg·m (101 N·m; 75 lb·ft) @ 7250 rpm. Its fuel tank will hold 18 L (4.8 gal) and has a range of 280 km (175 mi) on the highway before the low fuel indicator turns on. Fuel consumption increases significantly with aggressive throttle use.

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2005 Aprilia Tuono RSV

Fuel gasoline. 6-speed Manual transmission.