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Aprilia ETV 1000 Capo Nord Dyno

This is a 2006 Capo Nord getting wide open mapping done via a Power Commander PCIIIusb. This was the final pass at wide open tuning where needed in 500 rpm steps while reading Carbon Monoxide from the 4 gas EGA. The tuning process takes a long time, this is only a few minutes of a few hours worth of video shot on this bike. The PCIIIusb is required on this bike not due to the pipes and intake mods but rather the use of the RST Futura base mapping loaded into it's ECU. The RST base map allows for an extra 1000 rpm on top. Definitely not required to have fun with a Capo, and who really needs a 140 mph top speed out of something with spoked wheels?

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Duration: 5 minutes : 3 seconds
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