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ATV Trail 320 (1/2)

MrDuhfactor and his brand new old Aprilia Pegaso 650 dual-sport and I decided to go on a last minute ride up American Fork Canyon this evening. We made it in time to watch the sunset while we were on the trail. We rode for several miles on this trail and almost made it to the top before we turned around. The is one of the most beautiful rides we've been on, the fall colors are kicking in and it's making for some jaw dropping good sights and views which is what I'm all about. In this series of videos there's plenty of amazing views, awesome trail action, steep climbing, creek crossing, pine smelling, dust cloud action and maybe a good crash or seven which is all brought to you in part by your one and only...proud American redneck. Redneck approved!



Duration: 9 minutes : 49 seconds
Author: MrRojoneck
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